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Global water challenges require excellence in pumping technologies and close cooperation between pump designers, manufacturers and pump engineers.


In order to better meet the customers' needs and requirements our company is facing an expansion of its operations worldwide. We already provide timely and effective services in more than 70 countries.

Hydroo has set up a wide range of pumping solutions for many applications as building services, industry, irrigation and industrial process. Customers find out the highest performance in booster sets and pressurization, fire-fighting sets, pumping of underground water, HVAC and drainage and sewage, utilities, desalination and OEM integrations.


We have a huge industrial potential with a production over half million units per year. At our organization we design high efficiency centrifugal pumps, by means of the best CFD, CAD and FEA tools. We also are proud to show our industrial facilities where we design and produce our own patterns and moulds. We have been vertically integrated all the manufacturing processes as foundry, machining, static and dynamic balance tests or hydraulic and electrical performance tests.


Hydroo’s Code of Conduct


Hydroo Board approved the Compliance document and its principies of government.


Hydroo has compiled its commitment with ethics and legislation in relation to third parties in a public document of principles. The document has been worked with the entire Hydroo team and its deployment has been started with a commitee that will ensure compliance and strengthening in the business culture of the company.


Hydroo’s Code of Conduct

Hydroo's Quality and Environment policies 


The principles of the Quality and Environment Policy are on the base of Hydroo management processes

 Hydroo has adopted a policy of quality and environment-centered commitment to satisfy customers with reliable and efficient products and services, made with the highest levels of quality and environmentally friendly. To achieve it the company focuses on processes that add value to customers and shareholders and wants to set up a centre of excellence in quality, agility, flexibility and protection and respect for the environment.


Quality policy
Good environmental practices