XBOOST Booster sets


Booster sets



This variable speed PID controlled booster system is a sophisticated system, composed of latest technology PID variable speed control cabinet and from two to four sets of parallel pumps. It can be automatically adjusted to fulfil the requirement of constant pressure, variable flow water supply. The pressure of the water supply pipe network keeps constant, and the whole water supply system always keeps the best state of high efficiency and energy saving. There are two types of water supply and the most efficient one is driven by a variable frequency device that automatically adjusts the rotation speed of the pumps; unlike equipment with accumulation or hydropneumatics where pumps start or stop without a demand regulated operation. XBOOST is the best way to keep the pressure of the pipes constant and is very easy to operate and program setting. Many other requirements are available in terms of materials, connection types, accessories, and special features.


  • Water supply for residential & commercial buildings

  • Garden irrigation.

  • Water supply for industrial uses

  • Other boosting applications

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