WDROO Submersible sewage pumps.



  • WF/WX/WG are optimized pumps with new hydraulics, seal technology, structure and protection. More reliable and safe pumps. Easy to use, long service, good drainage capacity. The whole series is easy for selection. We recommend to fit it with electronic control cabinet with full pump protection.
  • Optimized performance with high efficiency two channel impeller, two mechanical seal to get better lubrication and cooling, running stable without clogging, easy pass for solid particles.
  • Mechanical seal is in serial, the shaft seal is more reliable, long service.
  • IPX8 oversized motor, Class F insulation, long service of motor with continuous running.
  • Humidity and thermal protections in the motor available on request.



  • Building services, hospitals, residential areas, municipal projects, roads, factory sewage, small sewage treatment, etc. The pumped liquid suitable are rain water, raw water, waste water with solids and process water.

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