Submersible bore-hole pumps with floating impellers.



Submersible deep well vertical multistage 3",3,5" and 4"pumps. SS304 Casing, Floating Impeller & diffuser made of POM (Polyoxymethylene).

3" and 3,5" types delivered as a set including:

  • Motor connection designed by NEMA dimension standards
  • Single-phase rewindable motor: 180V-230V/50Hz.
  • Equipped with start-up control box including the capacitor
  • 20 mts of cable
  • 4" types delivered as for NEMA dimension standards. 4" inches oil or water filled motors can be delivered apart, you can check the features by using next link:


  • For water supply from wells or reservoirs.
  • For domestic use, for civil and industrial applications.
  • For garden use and irrigation.

Additional information: