Variable frequency driver
Pump driver on-board assembled for a single pump ,single-phase or 3-phase, up to 14A working in variable speed by an inverter. General electrical supply could be single-phase or 3-phase (~3x230 /~3x400) Vac depending on the models. It can be mounted individually or in groups of 4 pumps communicated and operating in master-slave mode with alternated sequence of operation. It will be installed over the motor through fastenings.

VSD1D versions are single wall-mounted devices able to drive two pumps sets. VSD1DM devices are supplied by single phase electrical supply (1ph-1ph or 1ph-3ph) and able to drive both pumps with variable speed. VSD1DTT are a 3ph-3ph pump driver including an inverter for the main pump, and the auxiliary pump is managed by mean of a power relay, both according alternation operating sequence.

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