HC - Pump controllers

Electronic pump controllers.



Electronic pump controllers designed for a trouble-free operation and no maintenance. Fully integrated motor protection, including dry running and automatic reset. Available for single or multiple pump control. Full range up to 16 A single phase supply and PN10. Easy set up and parameters display. In-line flow to reduce the pressure losses (HC1 and HC4) and simple connection for HC2 and HC3.


HC1 can be useful for booster sets and any control of a surface or submersible pump for irrigation, water supply, cleaning purposes, filing elevated tanks or constant pressure boosting. HC2 is an electronic pressure switch available for any application to mange 1 or 2 synchronized pumps in cascade mode and alternated sequence operation. HC3 have the same function for 1 pump. HC4 is an automatic digital pump-driver providing integral control and protection to the pump.

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