Hydroo's Hy5 programme defines
a new pump concept focused in
its 5 main drivers



Highest pump performance is related to the motor and the hydraulics detailed design. We use the high-end technical resources to reach the best in the market results. Maximised hydraulic efficiency and IE3 standard motors turn out to a unique leading pump concept: robust, reliable, flexible, user-adjustable, smart and multi-purpose.

Added value relies in the material selection, the industrial process of the components production and the usable design of all the single details. Pump flexibility, high line-up of options and personalized service is our added value.

Quality assurance is a key factor for added value products. We at Hydroo watch the pump quality, the crafted manufacturing process and expedition quality are integrated in our core service offer. Moreover, variable frequency drivers are available to get the best pump service in any kind of installation. World is in motion and we contribute to it with warmth and commitment.

Our commitment with the environment is in the base of our company thinking. All processes consider the minimum impact in our own home. Within the designing process we had in mind any individual requirement to get the best result for our customers.

We take care of our customer’s pumps. We are our customer’s factory and they deserve our full commitment in excellence and exemplary corporate culture. We consider no boundaries within the value chain, starting form industrial installation engineering to pump managing. This vision results in a close cooperation with all players to get the best pumping solution.