World Water Day, March 22nd


The water is our reason for being.

Water is the origin of everything. These words are from the philosopher Thales of Miletus. It is right, water is the most important resource both for nature and for humankind. We should be conscious about water as a limited source, moreover in the current global water scarcity due to global warming. Hydroo core business is the water technology. We are aware of this critical situation and are taking actions to cooperate for turning it back by providing high-efficient products to the market, implementing a competitive edge manufacturing system in our facilities, and promoting environmentally friendly procedures in the daily life of our staff. Besides being audited periodically for the ISO14001, we are following the Hy5 commitment that holds one of the main drivers as Hylite.

Hylite means that our commitment with the environment is at the base of our company’s thinking. All processes consider the minimum impact in our own home. Within the designing process we have in mind any individual requirement to get the best result for sustainability.