WF Pumps installation successfully completed.


Twin set of WF pumps for a sewage installation.

A set of WF pumps, each with a 4 kW motor, was successfully installed on site in Southern Sri-Lanka. Two WF pumps were installed in a reservoir using FBDN auto coupling devices to take in/out the pump from the tank easily for maintenance purposes. We take this opportunity to point out the wide range of solutions available on our WDROO range using our special designs of impellers: channel, grinder, and vortex.  WF, WG, WV ranges provide efficient and reliable pumping operation on wastewater and sewage applications and WUP and WRAINOX series are the best solution for drainage in stormwater management systems or flood control and fountains.  Many configurations are available in terms of wet parts materials, impellers, mechanical seals, and installation possibilities among a lot of other possibilities.