WF pump sets for new referent projects.


Pumps ready to be sent to different destinations in Europe and Northern African markets.

WF is a wide, robust and adaptable range of pumps for the transfer of wastewater in small, medium and large water treatment plants in residential, industrial and municipal solutions. The range can reach flows of up to 1,000 m3/h and 50 m head, with motor powers of up to 160 kW. WF pumps have semi-open vortex, single, double and multi-vane impellers. A correct selection of the pump allows the handling of solid particles, sludge, raw water, rainwater drainage, gray water and wastewater effluents. WF has 4 main installation systems: elbow with flange, connection for flexible hose, dry pit installation and automatic lifting system. We can offer customized solutions such as different mechanical seals, construction materials and coatings for special applications.