We feel the End of Year atmosphere


Magic, Tradition and Hope together with positive values.

This is the most magical and traditional season of the year: the city center fully lit up, children singing traditional songs and families organizing every detail for their warm meetings. However, this is also a good time to share positive values with our relatives and younger ones. They will inherit the results of our current actions and lifestyle. At Hydroo, we would like to focus, on these dates, on conveying the need for us to take care of the environment, to take care of our only planet now to let the future inhabitants of the Earth enjoy its wonder. Francesc Salvà, the eminent inventor of the first electric telegraph, was a visionary and indefatigable scientist and doctor, enlightened and passionate about the progress of knowledge, that with the phrase of our Christmas Card, written in memory of the invention of his electric telegraph, attests to its human dimension: "Plant trees for future generations to enjoy".