Turnkey projects on drainage and sewage applications.


WDROO highly efficient pumps installed on tailored solutions.

WDROO pump series have a wide range of solutions with our special designs of impellers: channel, grinder and vortex.  WF, WG, WV ranges provide efficient and reliable pumping operation on wastewater and sewage applications and WUP and WRAINOX series are the best solution for drainage in stormwater management systems or flood control and fountains.  Many configurations are available in terms of wet parts materials, impellers, mechanical seals and installation possibilities among a lot of other possibilities.

Our experience in the field makes us able to work in the optimal hydraulic sizing not only of the pump but of the whole set including pipes, valves and manifolds. In addition, we can install the right control from a simple float switch to a complex control to drive the pumps by means of sensors and pressure gauges, even using SCADA communications.

We apply all this background and know-how to deliver turnkey projects for specific and demanding applications both in residential and industrial environments.