Successful solution for the rainwater management.


WF pumps contribution to avoid flooding.

We have successfully reported 4 rainwater pumping stations in Titu city, Dâmbovita district, in Romania.  The main purpose of these installations is the rainwater management to avoid further problems in the city, specially floodings in the rainy season. The city is placed in the great Danubian or Walachian Plain in the South of Romania. Hydroo has installed the pumps in 4 different locations and accordingly, the pumping stations were calculated to meet the project specifications with a twin pump management system.  The pumps are WF250 400-15-30 kW, WF80 60-11-7,5 kW, WF150 200-35-37 kW and WF150 180-20-18.5 kW with total installed power of 186 kW with standard IE3 motors and DOL start.