Retrofit pumping systems in the Lake Surduc, Romania.


Three new twin-pump installations to fight against floods.

The Surduc Lake is a dammed reservoir built in 1976, which is the main source of drinking water to the great Timisoara region with a capacity of 50 Hm3 and it also holds a 2 MW turbine power plant. It also operates as a protection tool against flooding, and it became a protected natural area in the year 2000.  The technical project wanted to ensure a sufficiently large water evacuation capacity and 3 new pumping stations were built to hold the NLF pump units with a rated flow for each one of 300 m3/h. Mr. Beni Boscai, CEO of our partner in Romania stated: "In addition to their basic functionality, Hydroo stations have been designed to be durable and easy to maintain. This ensures that they will continue to provide long-term protection, contributing to the safety of local communities." Congratulations to our Romanian team.