New Hydroo reliable pumping solutions.


Hydroo has successfully commissioned 2 units HSC for water supply.

2 units HSC200-125 vertical double suction split casing pumps are successfully working at the Binh Phuóc Province water supply system, in the North of Ho Chi Minh city.  Each pump is sized with a 200 kW motor to supply the duty point of 500 m3/h at 100 m. The pumping station was built in the basement of the intake area to overcome a negative suction pressure. To save space in the pumping room, the engineering team decided to intall the pump in vertical position; such a solution provided by Hydroo allowed to have a smaller installation with easier layout for the inlet & outlet pipes. The pumping station was built a few years ago and now has been expanded with 2 more units driven by variable speed drives. Congratulations to our sales agent, Mr. Tan, for his excellent and professional work.