New catalogue of pump controllers


HC pump controller range expands with new models

We have increased the solutions for residential and commercial buildings with the extension of the pump controllers. New models are the VSD1D wall mounted frequency driver, capable to control up to 2 pump units in parallel with alternance. Additionally, we have extended the solutions of the successful HC2 electronic pressure switch with 2 new models: HC2-M (with dry-running protection for minimal pressure) and HC2-T (HC2 same features in an integrated 3 ways fitting). Finally, HC1 pump controller now goes with the new HC4 pump driver. Its main features are the G 1 ¼” threaded fittings, new display and its operation power up to 2,2 kW (16 A). Hydroo provides reliable pumping solutions for the most demanding applications in many sectors as residential, commercial buildings, industry, irrigation and sewage and water treatment.