Launch of a new range of sewage pumps


WDROO series enlarges with new solutions including WG, WV and WFS

Hydroo is launching the new WDROO range with more models and better solutions for professional wastewater pumping and drainage. The expansion of the range includes improvements in the performance of the models and a new series of pumps with a vortex impeller up to 65 m3/h, as well as the expansion of the range of pumps with a grinder impeller up to 11 kW. We provide accessories for fixed installations with automatic coupling system and movable solutions with flanged elbow and flexible pipe connection elbow. WF series reaches a range of solutions up to 1,100 m3/h and 60 m, DN300 and nominal powers up to 75 kW. Pumps are manufactured with double mechanical seal made of silicon carbide and can incorporate temperature and humidity sensors. There is a range of models completely made of stainless steel, with stirring device (WFS) and with a cooling jacket to work in a dry chamber, on request.