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Hydroo is involved in wastewater treatment projects promoted by EU and the University of Girona.

The cooperation with the University of Girona (UdG) is ongoing in wastewater treatment projects funded by the European Union (INNOQUA program). VX type multistage vertical pumps work as circulator while HQX self-priming pumps are viral in a microplastic filtration system. The main specification was the use of highly efficient pumps on a demo system to improve the effectiveness and sustainability on a wastewater treatment plant.

INNOQUA is a Horizon 2020 project that seeks to demonstrate in real conditions a modular system for water treatment based on the purifying capacity of biological organisms (earthworms, zooplankton, and microalgae). The final objective of the project is to provide an ecological water sanitation system for rural areas and communities, for industries with specific characteristics (such as agriculture and aquaculture), for sustainable homebuilders or collective housing owners and for developing countries worldwide.

LIFE BIODAPH2O is eco-efficient system for wastewater tertiary treatment and water reuses is a demonstration project with the main objective of scaling-up and implementing this nature-based system (BIODAPH) at two demo sites located in two water-stressed regions of the Mediterranean area. This system will produce reclaimed water that will contribute to diminish discharges of pollutants to freshwater ecosystems and to promote agricultural reuse. The BIODAPH system, previously developed during the INNOQUA project, is based on the depuration capacity of biological organisms: water fleas (Daphnia), microalgae and biofilms for removing pollutants (nutrients, organic carbon, suspended solids, pathogens, heavy metals, emerging and priority pollutants and micro plastics). This compact and low-energy consumption system does not produce sludge nor use chemicals for its operation.