Hydroo is committed with the innovation in water technologies.


R&D is a key process in the Hydroo’s value chain.

At Hydroo we understand the pumping solutions business based on the principles of networking to manage the needs of the market and the total satisfaction of our customers, empowering high efficiency teams to decide the best solution to any single request, building pump engineers knowledge and skills to handling engineering challenges for a worthy pump operation and being passionate to bring excellence in pumping technologies with close cooperation with pump engineers and pump users. To make it possible we have established a dedicated Research & Development Centre focused on ease of product install, ease of maintenance, energy savings and product longevity.


Hydroo's R&D Department is at the forefront of designing new products and upgrading existing ones. Our experienced team uses advanced high-end finite element analysis software which is specifically tailored to pumping technologies. By using these tools, we can reduce the time to market by minimizing the need for tests and prototypes. This approach not only saves time but also helps us to manufacture innovative and efficient products that meet the needs of our customers providing solutions for the most demanding applications.