Hydroo expands the range of residential pumping solutions


HPRESS 4 all-in-one smart pressure set with high efficiency permanent magnet motor

Hydroo has expanded its range of residential pumping solutions with a pump driven by a high-speed permanent magnet motor, with self-priming capability and a built-in frequency converter. Thanks to its intuitive and quiet operation, the HPRESS model is the ideal solution for a wide variety of applications: homes of up to 3 floors, residential buildings, irrigation, filling or emptying of tanks, water transfer, suction from a cistern, open wells, buried tanks, direct suction of the mains ... Communication is done through an intuitive interface on LCD screen. Its intelligent management system includes all the protections of the motor and the installation itself, such as dry running, overcurrent, voltage fluctuations, over-temperature or leakage. HPRESS is very versatile and can be installed with a twin set in parallel to achieve a much wider range of work and comfort in residential applications. The integrated speed control keeps the pressure constant and modulates it based on real-time demand. It has a hydraulic with stainless steel impellers and with considerable energy savings, easy trouble-free maintenance and high reliability and with an extremely low noise level <47 dB (A) in normal operation.