Hydroo bets on the presence in international fairs in 2022.


Prominent presence in air conditioning fairs and specialized in the pumping sector..

Hydroo reported excellent results in the last international exhibitions. Isfahan, one of the most beautiful cities of Iran and former capital of Persia welcomed the 2022 edition of Isfahan Termotech. Hydroo introduced its TDROO range of pumps with an enthusiast participation of our Iranian distributor led by Mr. Gaminchi. Moscow's Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center housed the AquaTherm 2022 exhibition with a special participation of our Russian distributor. Finally, we got a great performance at the Climatherm Energy 2022 exhibition in Athens at the end of February. We want to warmly thank Mr. Tyraskis and all the Hydroo-Elmech team for their passion attending customers and pump engineers come from all around Greece.