High pressure twin pump system for desalination.


Solutions to provide quality freshwater in the current climate change challenge times.

There’s a global water crisis and it is specially hitting the Mediterranean basin. Water scarcity and growing demand of freshwater for residential, agriculture and industrial purposes brings new opportunities to provide the right solutions to get quality freshwater from desalination.  VTP twin pump sets are specially designed to provide a reliable, easy maintenance, trouble-free booster set for desalination purposes. The range goes up to 60 m3/h and pressure up to 72 bar. Hydroo provides a wide range of solutions with according to the specifications of the project, including corrosion high resistance materials such as Titanium and Molybdenum improved alloys or specific high alloy austenitic steels. Hydroo manufacturers VTP twin pump sets providing the customers with a quick delivery time of tested products ready to fit in the installation. In the picture the manufacturing process and a set ready to ship to Morocco.