Customized XBOOST4 booster sets.


Hydroo has provided special solutions in water supply in referent projects.

A XBOOST4 VX20-5R VSD3 has been successfully installed in Bulgaria for water supply purpose in a commercial building. This set was manufactured with the main requirement to gather all the essential working status in the electrical cabinet including indicator lamps to check the working status as well as manual switches to drive the pumps. Hydroo developed a full customized proposal to our Bulgarian partner to match all the specifications of the project and reach the efficiency demanded by the end user.

We can design and manufacture booster sets according to any requirement and configuration: any type of pump solution, any sort of pump control and regulation, any type of operative data integration.  Hydroo supplies a wide range of solutions to provide from simple control mode to specific configurations e.g., level control, pressure empty mode, well pumps, solar limitation, and even fire-fighting systems. In the last months we have supplied many pumping solutions for critical projects, referent tenders and top demanding installations for water supply, irrigation, water treatment and industrial and commercial buildings.

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