Dear valued customer,

We are experiencing a serious situation that tests the nations and the individuals. Our particular bit of collaboration and solidarity with our fellow citizens, is especially important to mitigate and overcome in a short time the advance of the covid-19 pandemic. At Hydroo we have taken the necessary measures to protect our team and, at the same time, contribute to protecting our neighbours. Likewise, always following the instructions of the Catalan government, we maintain production activity, which is carried out at the Palol de Revardit manufacturing plant, as well as the logistics service, which is fully active.

The entire business development team and the application engineering service, using teleworking and all the necessary measures, are active and attending to all the demands, requests and technical inquiries. The rest of the staff has activated a contingency plan to efficiently and continuously support the entire value chain. We renew our service commitment to our suppliers, customers and partners. And we hope to meet soon with everyone to continue our work of service, efficiency, care of the environment and innovation in pumping systems.