A deeply rooted ancestral party.


Hydroo joins the Catalan tradition of celebrating Sant Jordi with a book and a rose.

Sant Jordi's day is one of the most important popular holidays in the calendar in Catalonia. It commemorates the legend of Saint George, patron saint of Catalonia from 1456, an example of the myth of the fight of the knight-hero against the dragon and of the mythological presence of the sword and the blood, which springs from the beast to water a rose garden. Tradition places the origin of the party in the 15th century when roses were given to lovers; after the Barcelona International Exhibition of 1929, the tradition of gifting books on this symbolic day began and this led to the convergence of the two traditions in an explosion of colours and culture every April 23 in all the streets of towns and cities of the country. Every year Hydroo adds to this tradition and likes to share it with all our partners and professionals, to make the love of culture, traditions, and pumping technologies our reason for being.