A value and experienced team set up the Hydroo HQs in Palol de Revardit (Catalonia-Spain). We now design, we build, we make and we live our Hydroo experience.

Our Hydroo team makes pump business in a special way:

  • Networking to manage the needs of the market and the total satisfaction of our customers.
  • Empowered to decide the best solution to any single request. 
  • Skilled to handle engineering challenges for a worthy pump operation.
  • Passionate to bring excellence in pumping technologies with close cooperation with pump engineers and pump users.
  • Hydroo team live our partner needs as its own needs. We provide full support to our value partners:  training services, selection and application engineering and after sales service.

Hydroo's headquarters

Francesc J. Domènech i Aragó Training Centre.

Up to 15 engineers is the capacity of the Training centre, dedicated to the scientist (a steroid carries his name) who contributed to define the length of the meridian, the nature of the speed of light and brought us many knowledges related to optics and electromagnetism. Main skills in pump engineering, variable frequency driven pumps operation and selection of pumps for many applications are among the current training sessions carried out by our Applications Engineering team. We conduct our training to installers, pump engineers, project engineers, energy saving specialists, salesmen/saleswomen and distributors. Specific training contents on request are also available.

Ferran Sunyer i Balaguer Agreement meeting room

The great mathematician that excelled in the theory of functions refers to the meeting rooms where networking and sales strategy is being deployed in all the targeted markets. Together with our main partners we define the value contribution of Hydroo in the pump business.  We play win-win approach every day to get the best results.

Ramon Casanova i Danés Production and After Sales Service Centre

Trouble free pump technology define our product portfolio. A wide range of possibilities are available to support the after sales service to partners, pump engineers and pump users: test results, witness tests, pump repairs, sales and quick shipment of spare parts, operation reports for predictive maintenance, upgrading of existing installations are some among all the options available at or Service Centre. The ASSC is dedicated to one of the parents of modern aeronautics who patented the first jet reactor in 1917. He has a permanent exhibition space in the NASA Museum.